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Stanza 9.5 White Electric Shower

Product code: 98221011


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The gloss white Stanza 9.5 has been specifically designed as a replacement electric shower. It has a number of features to make installation convenient including a large front cover to conceal marks from most previous installations, multiple water and cable entry options and a deep cover to make these connections easy.

The Stanza shower range has a simple and stylish design with a start/stop push button and a single dial which controls the flow rate and the temperature - our advanced technology means no other switches or buttons are needed.

For the optimum shower 'Spray Control' maximises the water flow by:

  • automatically adjusting to the incoming mains water supply temperature
  • maintaining an even spray pattern

The showerhead features unique 'active' silicone nozzles which expand and contract according to the rate of flow and a 'push click' connection that prevents the shower hose from twisting.

Free 1 year manufacturer guarantee

Spare parts for Stanza 9.5 White Electric Shower

Customer Reviews for the Stanza 9.5kW White Electric Shower:
"Wonderful tool for replacing an old Gainsborough shower led me straight to a fully compatible model."
Miss Holland, May 2012

"My previous Gainsborough shower has surpassed all expectations and I can only shower Gainsborough with praise on a well made product! This is why I am now purchasing yet another Gainsborough shower!"
Mr A Crossley, May 2012

"Great shower and happy with the product"
Mrs Youssof, April 2012


  • 9.5kW power rating
  • Gloss white finish with white and chrome accessories
  • Simple to operate
  • Push button start/stop
  • Single dial controls both flow and temperature
  • ‘Spray control’ maximises flow by adjusting to the incoming mains water supply temperature
  • Three mode showerhead with rub-clean spray plate to minimise build up of limescale
  • Swivel 'push click' showerhead to hose connection - prevents shower hose from twisting
  • Phased shutdown safety feature
  • Over temperature protection system - protects users from selecting an unsafe temperature
  • An ideal replacement shower
  • Generous footprint conceals marks left by most other electric showers
  • Cable and water entry positions for new or existing connections
  • Deep cover for ease of cable and pipe connections
  • Two positions for earth cable connection
  • Can be fitted very easily and quickly
  • 1 year guarantee
  • BEAB approved

Technical info

  • Minimum operating pressure - 0.09MPa (0.9 bar) (at a flow rate of 8 litres per minute)
  • Maximum operating pressure - 1.0MPa (10 bar)
  • Water entry - 15mm top, bottom or rear on right side of unit, suitable for compression elbow (not provided)
  • Cable entry - top, bottom or rear on right side of unit
  • Unit dimensions - H305xW239xD98mm
  • Cable size chart

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